Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Times Flying...

Time is flying so fast here at the Wolfrum household. I keep wanting to take a few minutes or even an hour out of our busy day to update, but then that sounds like a great time to have a cup of coffee, or do something different to my hair, or even just kick my feet up and relax awhile! In the last few posts I had stated I was working on Grady's Baptismal accommodations. It was so fun watching him smile and kick his legs out to the crowd. I can't even explain the feeling of how proud I felt of Grady for coming this far (a whole 12 weeks), how awesome and happy he is, and how happy even felt while staring at him. As a mom, I wonder how I could love another child as much as I love him. The Baptism was wonderful, and the after party kept me stir crazy. We had family and friends here at our house for brunch and to mingle. Grady only poutted when father Todd poured the holy water over his head, other than that he was quite the attention seeker. Since his dads not to much of a show off, he must have inherited that from his momma!;)
January 30, 2011 at St. John's Catholic Church
Godparents: Uncle Daniel and Aunt Brooke Bostelman
And the time has come to start battling inner hardships. I started slowly but surley and have gone back to work. I never thought being away from Grady could be so hard. It wasn't until I started washing his bottles one night for the sitters that I just broke down in tears. I can't understand how we have children, but pass them off to a loved one to raise until 5 pm everyday. I know its a way of life, but this is a tough way of life. I'm still hoping to win the lottery someday so I wont have to work, I guess to win the lottery you need to buy a ticket, I should start doing that too!;) Needless to say, time is healing and working doesn't seem so much of a punishment anymore.

We received a whole 4 inches of snow last night here in Defiance, Ohio! As defiance usually does when we hear the word "SNOW" everyone races to the grocery to stock up for the blizzard where no one will see light for a good 2 weeks!=) I have a gut feeling hospitals wont cancel, which means I'll have to work soooo- I'm ready for warm weather now. Yucky snow covered paws from remi, and pounds of blankets on Grady isn't really pleasurable living!

Jonathan's doing great with work and being the great dad and husband he is. He's been racing around on that snowmobile, and the light in his eyes when when he heard the word "snow" was like someone telling me "you've won the lottery" (we'll go back to that since I'd appreciate that so much). There's just something about wearing motorcycle helmets with goggles and scarves that hopefully catch your snot just doesn't strike me as a "wicked good time". haha It always seems as if we're piecing things that we find in the ol' wolfrum barn to make a feasible helmet, or ramp, or even boots!=) -Got to love country living!

One of my favorite date nights were just the other weekend. Friends of ours won tickets to the Jarrod Neimann, Brad Paisley, and Darius Rucker concert in Ft. Wayne, IN. We all went and had an REALLY really good time! This is the first concert I've gone to -not pregnant- so you can imagine the excitement, joy, and beer that filled my stomach that night!=)

Jonathan, Me, Joni, and Caleb at the concert at the Ft. Wayne Coliseum
Grady is surprising himself and me everyday. He's already doing so great holding his head up on his own and is pushing his elbows to the floor in hopes it will help him sit up. He's kickin his legs and swinging his hands so well. I've now just noticed him grabbing onto different toys and cooing so loud! He's got that awesome bald spot in the back of his head where he's constantly moving his head around on the floor to watch remi fetch her ball, or watch momma get ready. He is going on 3 months on February 3rd which amazes me so much. Its true, time does fly when your having fun!

Big smiles before getting ready for church
Bumbo love! Hanging out just watching remi.
Just talkin'
well- my rug rat has spoken and wants his morning bottle. Life is constantly changing, and Grady is constantly growing. keep your fingers crossed for me for that work cancellation, and that winning lottery ticket!;)
love & laughter

Monday, January 17, 2011

Road Trip!

What a fun filled weekend. The family packed up in the yukon and took a trip to Indianapolis, IN to watch my brother-in-law play basketball verse Franklin College. We left with a BIG "W", and my brother-in-law made us jump out of our seats with a last minute shot in overtime! We're so proud of Logan, and he never seizes to amaze us. He's all Jonathan talks about aside from hunting during the winter! He's a natural born athlete who we look forward to cheering for and supporting all winter long. He puts on one awesome show!NOT DONE BRAGGING.....

This is an older post of player of the week, he also pulled one in this week and got a certificate to Scotty's, hopefully he doesn't forget about his ol' brother and sister-in-law!;)

Go Logan! One of Logan's drives to the basket this wknd to bring in his 40pts. Props to his teammates too, they do a great job at backing him up and always being there for him!
This is an oldie, but a goodie! I can't wait for uncle log to teach Grady how to dribble and shoot!

Aside from a great game of basketball we were able to relax at a friends house in Indy. They live right off the lake and it was beautiful to enjoy a nice glass of Mimosa with my mother-in-law and Kelly, while snacking and enjoying a weekend away. (then i fed Grady)! Big poppa wolfie made a purchase this weekend and bought a snowmobile. I was brought up around snowmobiles and loved riding them. Its a new thrill for Jonathan, and one we can enjoy doing together. We were able to catch some mommy and daddy time last night and rode around the back fields. we're going to have to buy snowmobile #2 soon, I'd love to race my hubby!=)
Grady also made a transition in his pacNplay. he is no longer in the nice cozy bouncer piece but instead on the flatter mattress. He's starting to gain some extra "rolls" and his butt is starting to touch the mattress. He's adjusting well. He's starting to become more alert with his toys, sounds and colors. I broke down and bought him a book. Jonathan says it didn't have to be a 14 dollar book, but who's lookin anyway!;)
my cutie-pa-tootie!

morning play time.
Grady David Wolfrum
I wish I had a remi story to tell, but we left her home this weekend. Aside from the massive amount of hair I had to sweep up from just 2 nights away she did great. Rest assured I'm sure she will jimmy something up tonight or tomorrow for me to share. Until then!
Love & Laughter,

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Remi...what did you do??

As if every day of my life doesnt have something more exciting happen then the last, last nights episode was pretty commical. Jonathan and I were writing out invitations to our Grady's baptism coming up at the end of this month. Remi was in the room with us than disappeared. About 20 minutes later we decided to go insearch for the missing fur ball. Jonathan found remi's paws peeking out of the bottom of Grady's crib. Remi had made it a priority to get the tennis ball that was lodged under the bed, meanwhile getting herself trapped and managing to free the lost tennis ball! I dont think i've laughed that hard in months...

WHAT...more batteries?
Jonathan and I seem to be changing Grady's batteries in his bouncer, swing, pac n' play, and toys just about as much as we change his diapers. and of course they can't be the relatively cheap double A's, they have to be the vacation priced fat D's. I think i'm going to have to start using grady's OSU piggie bank filled with lose change just to keep his play yards running!=)

Grady is a water shark. He LOOOVES the baths already. We spend about 30minutes every morning playing and singing in his tub. He found a new interest in bubbles today, so mommy had to have a little fun myself!=) The little moments like these are whats going to make going back to work so tough.

We had my inlaws over this evening for some good home cooked roast, mashed potatoes, and pasta salad. I always feel right at home when you can laugh, drink, and fill our bellies together. I remember my mom cooking us dinner everynight and always thinking to myself "i dont know if i"ll ever beable to cook that"...where there's a will, there's a way!

I'm getting an itch to take some more pictures. I love taking pictures of family and friends, but i'm getting that itch to take more outdoor pictures. I want to decorate our house with more wall art and old stoney pathes. There's just not enough time in a day...or a week...or even a month. We're taking a trip to Indianapolis this weekend to watch my brother in law play basketball. There will be more than enough baby hogs there to relieve me of mommy duty, so i'll be sure to bring the Nikon!

My brother has been on my mind lately. I keep thinking of where he was a year ago. For some of you readers that don't know, and many of you who do and like to keep updated on J.T.'s status -he is now cancer free for a year and 1 month. JT was diagnosed twice with a rare form of kidney cancer. I can remember the day when the words were said to me. I can remember watching his hair fall out patch by patch, the small bruises he'd form from needle pokes, and the numerous staples and stitches he'd have to carefully cleanse. I however don't remember seeing my brother cry or even lose hope. I don't ever remember him saying "i can't do this", or "i'm to sick to try". He's such a hero at such a young age, it makes me wonder how I'll ever accomplsih that much in my own short lifetime. I could brag and brag for hours about my brother, but i think pictures and experiences speak for themselves. I never believed that prayers and strangers could build bridges over two large cracks in the road. I mostly think i can't stop thinking about him, because like all mothers do, you stare at your kids at night. You think about the day you've just had together as a family, and what the following days will later bring. You have goals that you've already set for them and they don't even know it yet. You look deep into their hearts, wondering how you could ever love them anymore. I lay at night looking at Grady thinking of how I will protect him from hurt, pain, and all bad things. But then i think of my brother, and how not even my mom could protect him from cancer or chemo or even the flu. How no matter how hard she tried, she had to let JT lead in the drivers seat. I can only hope and pray that my son will be as strong, as hopeful, and as inspirational as my brother has been to us, and to neighbors down the road who have yet to meet him. I've learned through many sleepless nights of thinking about motherhood, how no matter how hard i try, or how hard my mom tried...fait works in mysterious ways. I've learned that children are a thousand times stronger than grown adults, and that in the end everything will be ok, and if its not ok....then its not the end.

JT for a 5 day stay at the Toledo Children's Hospital receiving his chemo treatments and blood transfusions.
Relay for Life. 2 months later he would be diagnosed with kidney cancer for the 2nd time.

This is my all-time favorite picture of my brother. I knew the moment we took this that everything was going to be ok.

Thats it for now.
Love and laughter,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is where it starts....

Today is the day i start an addiction that will probably keep my up late at night and begin early mornings. I've loved reading blogs, but never considered starting mine until now. I've reached a new point in my life where family means more to me than ever before. During my time of engagement to my awesome husband, i read blogs on "the perfect wedding", when i sparked an interest in photography i read blogs on "the perfect picture", when i found out we were expecting i read blogs on "parenting", now that i have my husband, have my camera, and have my child, i find it interesting to read the lives of other mothers. I find myself laughing at their day to day activities, crying over pictures, relating to lots of experiences, and finally i wanted to share the life of an everyday, WOLFRUM!

I'll start off my saying, i am the worst person with grammar, but english was one of my favorite classes. I will be completely honest about every experience and activity right down to its every detail!=) I am a blogging virgin so I will promise to improve!

Since I am writing this during my sons nap time it is only appropriate to bring him up first!
The love and the light of my life is my son. He was born on veterans day and has ever since made me laugh, made me mad, made me cry and made me look forward to everyday. I am a picture whore and find myself with the lense in his face 90% of the day. (luckly we now use digital cameras)!

The man of the hour -Grady David Wolfrum [aka "G"]

Grady was born on 11.11.10 weighing in a whoping 8lbs 5oz and 20.75in long. I was in labor for 22 hours and being the drug addict that I am will forever live by saying "the epidural saved me"! 
With all joking aside I couldn't have asked for a better baby. He is now 2 months and 1 day old, smiles and laughs, kicks those legs as if he's running a marathon and coo's with complete delight. He is sleeping through the night for my husband and I and when he's not sleeping he's enjoying checking out the house and sucking on his pacifier as if i'd never give it back to him again. There will be 6 gazillion posts of him in the near future, i can see it!

Today consisted of the regular 9:30am feeding. Grady's a morning baby, so his smiles already start the day off right. The dog, Remi is also a morning person because we have a den of rabbits hiding under the shed. Every chance she gets shes whinning wanting to go outside. When she does finally annoy us long enough, she'll creep out the font door and bust out to the shed as if she had a rocket strapped to her backside. She has yet to succeed, but she is determined! FINALLY- Jonathan came home for his lunch break at noon. He started off with his usual question "what are you eating"...i know its because he wants me to make his lunch along with mine while feeding the baby, letting remi out to pee (or chase rabits), washing bottles, folding towels, or picking up his dirty socks! needless to say, we ate leftovers, he zapped it with the microwave as I finally fit a shower in! I'm determined today to break out the ol' Nikon and get some pics of Daddy and Grady in the snow. we'll see if i can accomplish that! Grady is soon becoming a child of god. I feel like babies need to be baptised at birth or every month leads to another month, leading to another month and so on. or maybe just another month of being a bad mommy and not deciding when to do this thing!I always told myself i wouldn't be THAT PARENT, or THAT CATHOLIC, or THAT WIFE, but as every day passes i begin to realize im "that parent, that catholic, and that wife"!

Thats it for now!;) will update soon!
Love & Laughter